Product Information

An example of a striking modern radiator that has progressed from being an effective heating appliance to becoming a centre piece of the décor – the Verona Side Chrome provides its own talking point. Elegant, stunning, yet understated, it reflects luxury and radiance.

Technical Information

Henrad combines the most sophisticated production resources in Europe with substantial investment in testing and verification of performance data, which has helped us create high output radiators delivering heating performance that exceed expectation.

We also want to exceed expectations when it comes to customer service, and our experts are on hand to support and understand your technical specification needs.

All table figures are based on Btu/hr ∆t50 °C


Verona Side Chrome

Height mm Length mm Henrad Code Heat Emissions Watts Heat Emissions Btu/hr Price excl. VAT
830 500 712001 233 795 £313.30
1130 500 712002 314 1071 £435.90
1430 500 712003 393 1341 £517.62
1730 500 712004 469 1600 £653.84
Btu/hr @ ΔT50°C